Monday, April 15, 2013

Lessons from Lori

Last night I had an amazing dream. It was a simple dream with a powerful message for me.  In my dream I was in my room talking with Shawn when I heard our front door open and heard the kids home. I heard laughter & singing & I heard Lori. I told Shawn that Lori was at our house & we both knew she wasn't supposed to be there because she was gone. We left our room to find the kids and she was surrounded by all my kids & her son Jaden sitting on Jaden's bed. She was reading a book to them like she did countless times in the past. She saw me and said, "Hi Kels! How are you?", and I walked up to her and gave her a huge hug.

It was such a simple dream with a message that was so profound. What I felt in the dream was the light & love that radiated from her. The kids were all sitting next to her surrounding her as they sat on Jaden's bed and she was singing with them and laughing like she did countless times in the past. They all wanted to be around her in this dream. I woke up feeling an immediate need to be a better mom. To be the kind of mom my kids want to be around. To create the kind of home that is filled with so much love and laughter the kids can hardly wait to get home and don't want to leave. I know that this crazy busy time in my life won't last forever and once it'g gone I will miss it terribly. I am so grateful for this dream and the newfound perspective I need to treasure each and every moment.

Lori continues to shine her light on me & all these kids she loves so much. So grateful for her example.  She left a huge void in our family when she left this life, but she continues to bless our lives in different ways, and sometimes much bigger ways than she could while here.

I love hearing from others and how Lori has blessed their lives. Many have dreams about her. It is so comforting to know she hasn't been forgotten.

Thanks Lori for being close, and teaching me how to be a better me. I love you.

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